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Verbal, nonverbal and intercultural communication: An inspiring interview with Albert Metzler

Albert Metzler Interview An inspiring interview with Albert Metzler, international trainer, coach, key note speaker and author of numerous works in the field of verbal, nonverbal and intercultural communication.

Conscious creative communicative interactions with other people, authentic appearance, inspiring communication skills and self-aware body language are important factors for our personal and professional success. The quality of our communication determines and shapes the quality of our life. Like never before the personal integrative development is extremely important.


Albert, what do you find the most important features the contemporary personality should possess?

I think the contemporary personality should posses the deep and at the same time self-evident understanding of the fact that we all are connected; that we all are a beautiful, creative and indivisible one. I also tend to think that the contemporary personality as a representative of a human nature should also internalize responsibility, awareness, openness and the ability to act in the interests of both: each individual and in the interests of the whole one.

Later this year you are to perform the workshop on the secrets of International Communication and Business, what audience do you expect to attend it?

The integrative workshop „Intercultural Communication – Growth For Your Business“ is an offering for entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and individuals who do business internationally and want to improve their intercultural skills in order to be more authentic, efficient and successful in their everyday business working, acting and communicating in their specific individual intercultural environment.

Albert, you have an experience in coaching for more than 12 years now, you are supposed to have an authentic recipe to make/grow trainee successful. What do you share with your trainees at the workshops – wisdom, knowledge, values, experience?

My current inspirational program includes at the moment coachings, workshops and trainings in verbal, nonverbal and intercultural communication. Using my experience, creativity, specific tools and methods I train, inspire and accompany people in their individual process of personal development. Discovering and learning new ways of perception of their own selves trainees/coachees get in my coachings and workshops an excellent opportunity to optimize/enrich their overall personal expression and enhance the quality of their communication at different levels. Enhancing the quality of their communication, self-perception and self-understanding people automatically increase also the quality of their life, relationships and vitality. At the same time they clarify different destructive aspects of their selves and discern in a practical way a new dimension of their intrinsic power, creativity, passion and self-fulfillment.

How do you usually inspire people around you? What is the “key secret” about it?

I usually inspire people around me just being present in here in kNOWing of the flow of the life and offering people the joy, creativity and the energy of my heart. This happens always in an individual and different way depending on the people and of course on the situations they are in. The „key secret“ about it is unconditional love, compassion and inexhaustible creativity we always can activate in ourselves and through that in other people around us. ….always!!

Who or what inspires you personally?

It is my higher self and my ability to practice unconditional love, universal beauty, joy, simplicity, lightness and abundance in all its magnificent facets.

You travelled a lot, why did you chose to put an emphasis namely on China, Russia and India for one of your workshops?

The idea of this workshop „Intercultural Communication – Growth For Your Business“ was born during my last lectureship in a high school in Nanchang in China. Talking and sharing this idea with my friends, clients and colleagues I have been asked many times also about my other intercultural experiences and differences between them. That is way I decided to combine all these three topics together. The result of it is terrific. It offers a very unusual and original perspective of comprehension of the three unique cultures from a very practical point of view – business communication; ….how it really works.

And slightly more into personal, Albert. If you were to say just in few words, what do you consider to be the most valuable in life?

Life itself, health, freedom, unconditional love, peace, inspiration, simplicity and creativity.

The interview conducted by Julie Bukus | Future Business Training Center


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